Marv's Story: Becoming

Marv believes everyone has a Purpose. Purpose is a combination of Genius-level Talent and Passion. Genius-level talent is a natural ability capable of being converted into a Genius-level Skill. Genius-level Talent provides a vaster capacity of knowledge, knowledge retention and instincts relative to other areas of skill and intellect. Passion is the one thing you would do for the rest of your life to benefit all of humanity regardless of compensation. Together, Genius-level Talent and Passion creates Purpose; an internal success mechanism designed to provide inner-joy, fulfillment, success, and improve the world we live in as well as the people who live it. 


Marv HELPS PEOPLE DISCOVER THEIR PURPOSE...IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME…WITH TWO SIMPLE QUESTIONS! Marv creates a safe and brave space, making it easy for participants to become transparent and engage in meaningful dialogue. Every participant can expect a transformative experience that combines intrapersonal/interpersonal development theory, laughter, visualization techniques, and practical methods to ensure long-term success. Marv is committed to making success human, by making the complicated concept of purpose recognition comprehensive. 


Marv provides inspirational speaking, workshops and coaching on converting purpose into fulfillment. Your organization or student body will thrive and experience long-term success after learning Marv's highly effective visualization techniques and open dialogue self-improvement programmatic experience. If in a corporate setting, employees will improve performance and develop a better connection to their work through the understanding of purpose relative to life and career. If in a college setting, students will maximize their college experience and improve post-graduation decision making by connecting their college experience, Genius-level Talent and Passion. Participants leave Marv’s workshops not only inspired but well versed in the mental and spiritual concepts required to pursue and fulfill the Purpose-centered Life.

Marv has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master of Science in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education. Currently, when Marv isn’t speaking, Marv teaches sociology, psychology, and black history at Concordia University - Ann Arbor Michigan and provides Unconscious Bias workshops and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshops.



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