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Thee most useful books ever...



Dream Declare Commit Succeed

Human developmental theory tells us people ages 18-44 are going through two phases. People are working to discover their identity or maximize their identity.

Kids, on the other hand, may not be going through the same phases as adults, but they too are in formidable stages where identity plays a factor in their self-awareness.

“Become” (the original and for kids) provides a practical and effective pathway to discover and fulfill the Purpose-centered Life.

The Purpose-centered Life is on cake-walk. It requires Clarity, Self-awareness, and Perspective among other innate resources. Most “success experts” require people to add more stuff to their life which can cause more stress which inevitably compromises the mission. “Become” teaches people how to unlock the powerful resources within to reduce fear, stress, anxiety and Become the extraordinary people we were created to be.

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