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Programming that won't bore you to death...


Higher education&

corporate settings

My purpose is to help other people discover and fulfill their purpose…No matter what setting I’m in, I’m working to help people connect their highest gift with their most beloved passion to discover their calling. Although Purpose is my JAM, there are many levels to the Purpose-centered Life that provide me opportunities to offer different types of programming and services.

Below is a list of items I offer in different settings. If you cannot find an item below that meets your needs, just contact me and I'll customize an approach to help you, the people you work with, or the people you work for.



Leadership Development - DEI Programming (Unconscious Bias) - New Employee Orientation (Finding purpose within the institution) - Wellness Training/Awareness - Keynotes

Higher Education settings  Division 1,2&3

Student-life Programming - Black-American Narrative Programming - Athletic Department Events - Leadership Development - College Transition Programming - First-Year Experience Programming - Student Orientation - Welcome Week - Breakout Sessions - Residential Life Training - Keynotes - DEI Programming (Unconscious Bias) - Wellness Training/Awareness - Purpose Recognition

programming footage


"Walking with Wagons and Gems" is a call to action to pursue wellness through reflection and intrapersonal awareness.

Diversity equity inclusion -

UNconscious Bias

Diversity training is often looked at as a drag and creates a feeling of stress and anxiety. People are often afraid of being targeted, shamed and blamed. My Presentation in fun, inclusive, and effective...and people laugh and learn at the same time...crazy huh...IKR! 


The "Flight" perspective is a  leadership/personal development concept that focuses on Clarity (of the spirit,heart & mind) - Purpose - and Vision.