Unconscious Bias

What Inspires: Legacy Culture & Behavior?

People often resist Diversity-Equity and Inclusion training because participants often fear being targeted, shamed and blamed. In spite of this reality, every company, university, and non-profit needs to have a conversation about identity to serve its customers, associates and the community they serve on the highest level.


My solution to poorly executed Diversity training is Inclusion.

My goal is to make everyone a part of the process of creating a culture that celebrates diversity, provides equity and restores justice.


My secret to DEI training is Unconscious Bias – What inspires Legacy-Culture & Behavior?


Instead of wasting time and energy judging and condemning the behavior, we need to invest more time understanding what inspires the behavior. We cannot be judgemental and curious at the same time. Judgment creates a combative environment that makes relationship building and understanding impossible. Curiosity creates an environment where understanding is paramount and puts people in position to recognize and maximize the gifts of the diverse collective.


Companies and people who participate in my sessions:

  • Learn practical methods to cope with the rise of diversity awareness in the workplace.
  • Develop the confidence and know-how to openly discuss race and identity.
  • Laugh often, share and make connections with each other…all in the name of DEI.
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