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Every audience can expect a transformative experience that combines storytelling, laughter, and practical methods to ensure long-term success and a Purpose-centered Life. Below are short descriptions of speaking topics. Marv's focus is Purpose Recognition and converting Purpose into professional or personal Fulfillment.     



Having the Clarity to live the Purpose-centered Life with the Perspective every instance is necessary toward fulfillment.


Discover your Purpose:

  • Achieve Clarity and Mindfulness through:
    • Is Quite-time really that important? 
    • Achieve Peace of Mind through Forgiveness and Radical Acceptance.
  • Once the Mind is Clear, Discover your Purpose:
    • Genius Level Talent - A natural ability capable of being converted into a Genius-level Skill
      • Corporate Setting: Improve the confidence of your team and appreciation for other talents simply by revealing everyone has been created with a unique success mechanism designed to unlock team success.
      • College Setting: Improve student self-esteem and post-graduation decision making by helping students make the connection between Genius-level Talent, their academic pursuits, and college experience overall.
    • Passion - The one thing you would do, for the rest of your life to benefit all of humanity, regardless of compensation.
      •  Corporate Setting: Improve comradery, culture, and performance by helping team members become more present at work through Intentionality and the exercise of gratitude.
      • College Setting: Improve student's college experience by exposing them to healthy and productive activities that will reduce fear, stress, and anxiety and improve holistic wellness.
  • Live Life in Flight: Having the Clarity to Live the Purpose-centered Life with the Perspective every Instance is Necessary toward Fulfillment.
    • What if every moment of your life was conspiring to assist and serve you?? - Use Flight (a mental/spiritual intrapersonal theory based tool) to convert your Setback into a Setup for the Purpose-centered Life. 
      • Corporate and College setting: Improve the group's emotional intelligence and ability to respond and perform in the face adversity.

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Dream - Declare - Commit & Success will be your next breath.


Convert your Purpose into Fulfillment:

  • How do you Become anyone or anything???...You...:
    • Dream - Convert your Purpose into Fulfillment through structured and effective Visualization.
      • Corporate and College setting: Improve their ability to persevere by learning how to convert fears into fearlessness and adversity into advantage.  
    • Declare - Learn how to Talk yourself into the life of your Dreams.
      • Corporate and College setting: Improve confidence by learning how to sync their words with their feeling, thoughts, and actions...improve interpersonal communication also - the best teams communicate on a high level.
    • Commit - Find fulfillment through dedicating yourself to something bigger than yourself.
      • Corporate and College setting: Develop the innate mental and emotional tools to persevere and execute. 
    • SucceedWin.
      • Corporate and College setting: Experience an improvement in Mental Health and productivity through spiritually development. 

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