The Become curriculum is an effective and comprehensive intrapersonal (internal) development manifesto that acknowledges purpose and transforms purpose into fulfillment. Though a combination of fun, intrapersonal development exercises, visualization methods, intentional speech, and success planning, participants leave well-equipped with the resources to become the highest version of themselves. Marv creates a brave and safe space for participates to engage in internal dialogue, share their findings, and create supportive and resourceful relationships that will translate into higher self-efficacy and knowledge of self. 


The Become Curriculum is perfect for: 




The Flight is: finding the Clarity to Live a Purpose-Centered Life, with the Perspective that all instances are necessary for fulfillment. Before we can Become the Genius Level Talents we were intended to be, our mind body and spirit body must be explored with great depth to make sense of our past and present experiences, with the intention to discover purpose and fulfillment for the future.  

Achieving Clarity through Quite-time and Peace of Mind


Achieve Clarity. Clarity is achieved through a combination of Quite-Time and Peace of Mind. Clarity is the foundation for joy – high-level performance – and fulfillment. Although our intentions are to be present and make the most of every moment, distractions from the internal and external world can be incredibly overwhelming. Therefore, it is critical we pursue the concept of clarity with intention. Clarity helps initiate internal dialogue with our inner-person and jumpstarts the quest of unlocking our greatest potential. 



  • Learn to how to achieve Clarity through simple yet highly effective meditation techniques.
  • Learn how to reduce stress/anxiety, reclaim your joy and make sense of past and present experiences through a self-reflection method called the "A-Game".
  • Learn how Clarity can improve your self-esteem and ability to make better connections with the people in your personal life - Professional life - and life in general.


Discovering Purpose Made Simple


Discover your Purpose. Purpose is a made up of Genius-Level Talent and Passion. Genius Level Talent is a natural ability capable of being converted into a Genius Level Skill. Not every talent is capable of reaching the genius level. Genius Level Talent provides a vaster capacity for knowledge and keen sensitivity for instinct. Passion is doing one thing for the rest of your life, regardless of compensation, to benefit all of humanity. By acknowledging – accepting – and applying the reason in which we were created, we position ourselves to impact the world in a way that is in sync with the universe.



  • Learn how living a Purpose-Centered Life can improve self-esteem, earning potential, and decision making.   
  • Learn how to develop the "Giddy-Up Tough" mindset to persevere through the gauntlet that is the Purpose-Centered Life.
  • Learn the secret formula to using your Purpose to the life of your dreams

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In order to become anyone or anything, we must Dream – Declare – Commit – and Success will become our next Breath. The process is simple to make fulfillment and success seem less daunting. However, the process is equally sophisticated to provide the most complete and effective manifesto for achieving success. Become is what we all are at our core, an amazing blend of complicated sophistication and beautiful simplicity.  

The Dreaming Process – 8 Steps to Execution


Before we can become the person we were intended to be in the physical world, our mind and spirit must complete the journey first. The key to converting dreams into reality, it to visualize the process, not excluding the unwanted circumstances, from start to finish. There are some steps the mind will take to protect us from pain and discomfort. These steps are often taken with minimal conscious awareness. However, if we can make ourselves conscious of what our mind is doing to protect us, we can use what makes us feel intimidated as a leverage to become the person we were intended to be.


After we have visualized the dreaming process in its entirety, we will create a Definite Chief Aim and experience the power that Declaration has over converting dreams into reality.


  • Reduce your fear and anxiety, and improve decision making and the ability to execute objectives under pressure.
  • Learn how visualization can improve performance and create long-term positive transformation.
  • Learn how to use fear as your greatest asset in achieving fulfillment.


Living a life with Intention 


Converting thoughts into actions requires living life with intentional. Every part of our person must be committed to exemplifying the thoughts in our mind and feelings of the spirit. When we are intentional about how we want to show up in the varying areas of our life and are intentional about how we think about what we are doing, we influence the universe to mirror our inner thoughts. If we are not intentional, we allow our circumstances to dictate the way we think, feel and behave. I can promise you transformation by way of two simple questions.

During this fun and interactive keynote you will learn: 



  • How to improve relationships and comradery in your professional life and personal life.
  • Learn how to succeed in toxic environments
  • Learn how to improve performance and sustain joy and excellence in your personal life and work life.

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