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i help highly ambitious people discover and fulfill their purpose with 2 simple questions.

My Purpose is to help you discover your Purpose...
and develop your faith and Vision to see it through. 

purpose programming & services

Keynote speaking

Keynote speaking spoken through the lens of the Purpose-centered Life convers the following topics:

  • Leadership

  • Performance

  • Wellness

  • Spirituality (Emotional Awareness/Management)

Personal/professional development days/workshops should be exciting, transformative, and effective in the short and long term. Purpose-presentation cover:

  • Leadership - Lead and Follow Productively

  • Performance - Find Your Zone and Execute Under Pressure

  • Wellness - Finding KWUL through the A-Game

  • Spirituality (Emotional Intelligence) - Master Your Emotions Master Your Life

  • Diversity.Equity.Inclusion - Creating Truly Inclusive Moments and Spaces Through Inclusion


Purpose coaching

Purpose coaching converts Fear, Stress, & Anxiety into Confidence, Fulfillment, Inner-joy, and attractiveness, and reveals the giftedness and passion needed to experience and fulfill the Purpose-centered Life. 

Unlock Confidence and Opportunity in your:

  • Personal Life

  • Career Life

  • Romantic Life

  • Professional Life

  • Manage and reduce Stress

  • Become more fun and attractive to be around!!!


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