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can all be explored through the purpose-programming


when people show up to work or prepare for work with a purpose, they perform better. purpose is an essential element to team and individual success. Living the purpose-centered life makes you aware of where you are gifted and what you are passionate about.

identifying your gifts and passion within a professional/career context will enhance your ability to perform, Guide your career choices, and provide you leverage when negotiating Opportunity.

Take professional development to the next level and unlock your team's potential today.

if you are unsure about how purpose programming/content can help you and your me and let's have a conversation.

Corporate – Nonprofit settings

Leadership Development - DEI Programming (Unconscious Bias) - New Employee Orientation (Finding purpose within the institution/company) - Wellness Training/Awareness - Keynotes - Individual/Group Purpose Recognition Sessions - Performance Coaching

Higher Education settings

Student-life Programming - Black-American Narrative Programming - Athletic Department Events - Leadership Development - College Transition Programming - First-Year Experience Programming - Student Orientation - Welcome Week - Breakout Sessions - Residential Life Training - Keynotes - DEI Programming (Unconscious Bias) - Wellness Training/Awareness - Purpose Recognition Programming - Post-Graduation Prep Programming - Career Prep

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