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Professional development


Purpose coaching can be used for:

Professional Development/Coaching

Higher Education Programming - Student Life & Career Development

Sports Teams/Organizations

Non-profit Organizations

and For-profit Organizations

Wellness Improvement

Professional Development Sessions & Presentations:

Individual Sessions: 3-5 50-minute sessions

Small Group Sessions: 3-5 90-minute sessions 

Presentations: 1 Session -  Minimum of 50 minutes - Designed to complement the event's mission.

Breakout Sessions: Sessions can be customized to meet the needs of the event.


Step 1: Meeting/Needs assessment to identify and sync organizational and individual goals.

Step 2: Bring your A-Game - An emotion processing method designed to explore one’s emotional state to develop self-awareness - work through internal/external conflict - exercise curiosity - and work with emotional clarity. Development and constructive criticism can elicit strong emotions, therefore it is critical to make sure emotions are processed and regulated before productive transformation occurs.

Step 3: Discover your Genius-level Talent - A combination of heightened forms of intelligence (Multiple Intelligence Theory) that can be converted into elite-level skill -  enhancing instinct - memory - and aptitude. 

Multiple Intelligence Theory Smarts: Body Smarts - People Smarts - Self Smarts - Word Smarts - 
Reasoning/Numbers Smarts - Nature Smarts - Picture Smarts - Music Smarts - Life Smarts

Step 4: Validating your Genius-level Talent - Validating one’s giftedness reduces imposture syndrome - increases confidence and self-efficacy - and inspires self-mastery.

Step 5: Discover your Passion - What is the one thing you would do for the rest of your life to benefit the lives of others regardless of recognition - compensation - or reward?  This powerful question helps people identify their most profound love affair- needed to live a life of intention and purpose - and improves the fortitude to execute unconditionally.

Step 6: Application - One of the final steps of the Purpose process is to work through how Purpose-centered Living impacts the person - their family - their community - and the industry they serve.

PURPOSE+ Breakdowns


The best leaders recognize talents in others and give them the necessary support and accountability to convert their gifts into dependable skills. Leaders who understand their purpose and the resilience it requires make for strong mentors to those with the ambition to produce elite-level service.


Having a purpose in life is considered an aspect of psychological and emotional well-being and has also been studied for its connection to physical health. Living a life of purpose means engaging in meaningful work you care about that helps others and allows you to exercise your most vital skills. This lifestyle typically equates to being long as there is balance. The more we understand what we love and where our gifts reside, the more influence we have over creating a healthy wellness state that contributes to productivity in career and personal life.


The best performers work with purpose and work for a purpose. Purpose reveals to us our Genius-level Talent. Our Genius-level Talent contains heightened forms of intelligence that give us access to enhanced instincts - memory - and aptitude. People who consistently perform on a high level are fueled with internal passion and an intense craving to master their gift. We are all gifted and possess the ability to be exceptional in our abilities. The goal is to recognize which of our gifts are limited and which are limitless and invest in the boundless gifts that will transform us into elite-level performers.


We all experience moments that produce emotions on a myriad of levels. Many of us experience emotions and never take the time to explore the knowledge - wisdom - understanding - and love hidden within. Thinking through our emotions and developing the ability to manage them makes us less combative with the past and present and promotes clarity. 

The A-Game is an emotion-processing method that promotes emotional regulation and requires us to Acknowledge, Accept, and Appreciate our moments and emotions to experience internal holistic fluidity.


I was looking for an in-person training on Implicit Bias to present to our staff.  I had booked Marv to present in 2022 for staff training. I invited him back this year.  Once again, the presentation was excellent and very engaging.  The staff walked away with tools to use in helping to understand, recognize, and how to approach situations rather they be racial, age, gender, religion, etc.,.  

Barbie Clemmons
HR Generalist
PACE Central Michigan

Speak on Purpose Press Kit
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