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You are an incredibly gifted and passionate person in a world full of distractions that have inhibited your success and ability to add value to the lives of others.

My goal is to be your flashlight and illuminate all the signs that have been present yet hidden your entire life to bring you closer to the person you were designed to be.

Below are three Purpose-coaching options to improve your self-awareness and bring you closer to the purpose-centered life.

the Purpose-centered life Institute



Discover your
genius-level talent

Dates: 8/22   8/29

The Purpose-centered Life is a combination of Passion and Genius-level Talent (GLT). Discovering your Genius-level Talent will help you recognized your giftedness and show you which talents are prime to become elite-level skills if nurtured properly. We are all Genius and sometimes we need a little light to reveal our giftedness


  • Genius-level Talent: A unique ability made up of some combination of heightened forms of intelligence/ giftedness, capable of being developed into an elite-level skill as the result of (1) enhanced memory, (2) a pre-established aptitude for a specific field of knowledge, and (3) uncanny instinct.

1 Session

Zoom Session

1.5 Hr.

Up to 12 People per session



Purpose finder

Dates Coming Soon

Discover the Purpose-centered Life by unearthing your Genius-level Talent and your Passion. In order to fulfill your calling, you must know where you are gifted and what is your strongest love affair. Being aware of these two important concepts will help you make sense of the past and present and fulfill the Purpose-centered Life.


  • Genius-level Talent

  • Passion: A beloved and autotelic endeavor one engages in daily to provide services for others, uninfluenced by compensation, reward, or recognition.  

  • Purpose: The reason why you were created being comprised of your highest love affair - highest skill and desire to contribute to the lives of others.

3 Sessions

Zoom Seesion

1.5 Hrs per session

Up to 5 People Per Session



purpose-centered curriculum

Schedule by Appoitment

The Purpose-centered Curriculum is an intense and in-depth approach to discovering one's purpose. The Purpose Curriculum uses introspection exercises to improve intrapersonal awareness which leads to confidence, self-understanding, and resilience. When you are able to find meaning and make sense of the past and present, you open your spirit, heart, and mind to the challenges and rewards of living the Purpose-centered Life.  


  • How to achieve Clarity within your Spirit-Heart-Mind to optimize performance

  • The A-Game: an emotion processing method created to convert  your feelings into self-awareness - confidence and fulfillment 

  • Your Purpose

  • Purpose Perspective: A mindset to help you process the highs and lows of living the Purpose-centered Life.

8 Sessions

Zoom or preferred method

50 Mins per session

1 Person 

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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